An aristocratic soldier plunges into the perilous heart of the French Revolution…

Devon and Brittany, 1795

In the aftermath of the bloody French Revolution, the British government is anxious to prevent revolutionary ideals from crossing the Channel.

As a seasoned army captain with an estate in Brittany, English-French aristocrat Justin Wentworth is sent to France to assist the Chouannerie — a royalist uprising against the new regime.

Back at Chittesleigh Manor, his Devonshire estate, Justin’s mother and sister anxiously await his return, alongside family friend Arabella Wollaston. Harbouring a secret affection for Justin, Arabella listens carefully for clues about his movements.

When she notices suspicious behaviour around Chittesleigh, Arabella suspects that the Wentworth family is being watched and decides to discreetly investigate.

But with plots and treachery seemingly rife throughout the realm, she soon begins to wonder whether she has stumbled across a wider web of subterfuge…

Who is spying on the Wentworth family? Who can Arabella trust?

And will Justin survive his brutal mission…?

Heir to the Manor

The French Revolution has left the Wentworth family caught between two worlds…

Devon and Brittany, 1796

As the conflict in France rages on, the Wentworth family — Anglo-French aristocrats — must find their place in a changing world.

Staying with friends in Cornwall and Plymouth, young Amelia is widening her social circles at soirees and assemblies. Finding herself in the company of several eligible gentlemen, she begins to wonder whether romance is on the horizon.

After fighting in France, Justin has married Amelia’s friend Arabella and the two have settled down at Chittesleigh Manor, his Devonshire estate. However, Arabella still feels responsible for Amelia and vows to find a way to protect her from unscrupulous suitors.

Hailing from Brittany, Sempronie — Amelia and Justin’s mother — feels her birthplace calling her home, despite the dangers of returning. What’s more, there is a long-buried family secret that she must put right before it’s too late…